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Leda Lavandula

Voluptous Temptress and Chicago Based Companion


About Leda

A video vixen turned true Goddess. I've been moving through the fetish sphere since 2008, but in recent years have been flexing and developing my skills as a Dominatrix and kinky companion, You can find me in Chicago at a variety of luxurious, well stocked dungeons, or in a cozy, sumptuous in call location.


Since unleashing my inner Dominant, I've realized that I am the Goddess archetype, aware of the power I command, and eager to bewitch my prey.


I crave control and take pleasure in crafting experiences designed to make you feel weak and desperate to please. I specialize in humiliation, feminization, and psychological domination. Find out why I'm sought after by submissives and kinksters by booking one on one time with me, or calling me on NiteFlirt,

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